After a year of elections, Nepal moves closer to China


It has been a year of elections in Nepal. On January 31, then Foreign Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat promised to a clutch of Kathmandu-based envoys that the country would hold all three levels of elections – local, provincial and parliamentary – within the year. In just concluded polls, Mahat himself lost and his Nepali Congress party performed miserably, but the government succeeded in delivering upon its promise to the international community.

The three-phased polls were first held to elect local government officials. They were soon followed by two-phased elections for provincial assemblies and the lower house of the parliament.  Phased elections engaged the entire government machinery and over 200,000 security personnel had to be employed in the exercise. It was the most expensive elections in the history of the country. As a result, for the better part of the year, the government did nothing to ameliorate the suffering of the people. Governance stagnated, corruption escalated, development projects were almost on hold and survivors of the Gorkha earthquake continued to languish in utter neglect, as the state prioritised polls over everything else…

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