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There is no such thing as western civilisation


Like many Englishmen who suffered from tuberculosis in the 19th century, Sir Edward Burnett Tylor went abroad on medical advice, seeking the drier air of warmer regions. Tylor came from a prosperous Quaker business family, so he had the resources for a ... Lire

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Russian LNG Unfazed By U.S. Sanctions


Russia’s energy industry faces a new round of U.S. sanctions—including on oil projects in any location if a designated entity holds more than 33 percent. And in Europe, where Russia’s gas giant Gazprom currently holds a large share of the gas ... Lire

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23 EU states launch new era for European defence cooperation

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 23 EU Member States – though not the United Kingdom – signed an historic pact Monday to cooperate more closely in future on security and defence in the wake of Brexit and Russian aggression. The countires – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, ... Lire

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German coalition talks in near collapse


Talks to form a coalition government in Germany were in deadlock on Friday morning (17 November), after negotiators separated early morning without a deal in sight. A new, last chance meeting was due at midday on Friday. But wide differences ... Lire

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À l’écoute des signaux faibles de tendances : notre sélection

Iran… Allemagne, France et Norvège ont signé une série de contrats avec l’Iran. Ils ne sont pas les seuls en Europe, et ce malgré les avertissements et les risques que d’éventuelles sanctions nord-américaines font peser sur les entreprises européennes contrevenant ... Lire

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