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Moyen-Orient / Europe : vers une nouvelle crise migratoire ?

Fin 2017-début 2018, toutes les grandes banques centrales occidentales sortent des politiques monétaires non conventionnelles, les fameux quantitative easing (QE) qui ont permis d’approvisionner en liquidités les banques en manque de confiance mutuelle de l’après-crise des subprimes. QE fiscaux dans ... Lire

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The Great Petroyuan Temptation


All this occurs in the context of strong pressure from the Chinese to trade their oil in yuan[1], a gigantic strategic U-turn for the country and the whole region, therefore harming numerous well-established Saudi interests. In recent days, Saudi oil ... Lire

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Bitcoin: bye bye!


The star of the e-currencies has been on a roller-coaster ride lately. But so far, smart (and lucky) speculators have been able to take advantage of these dizzying ups and downs, as well as of the considerable trend appreciation. But ... Lire

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Poverty and social exclusion: Millions of Germans on brink


About 20 percent of people in Germany are threatened by poverty and other forms of social exclusion. According to EU statistics, close to a quarter of the bloc’s residents faced such precarious conditions in 2016. Poverty and other forms of social exclusion affect ... Lire

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German coalition talks collapse


The liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) pulled out of coalition talks in Germany on Sunday (19 November), leading to an uncertain political future for the EU’s largest member state. The move is a blow to Angela Merkel, leader of the ... Lire

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