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Trump: We will maintain good relations with Qatar


The United States will maintain good relations with Qatar, President Donald Trump has told an American news channel, adding that the US airbase will not be moved out of the Middle Eastern country despite the diplomatic and economic blockade imposed on Doha by the ... Lire

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Turkey’s purges continue a year after failed coup


Mert’s story is just one of many and typical of the current situation in Turkey. He had voiced concern in group meetings, as he always did, but instead of citing personal disagreements on the day he was laid off, he ... Lire

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France Shouldn’t Let Google Get Off Tax-Free


After Google settled for just 130 million pounds ($168 million) in back taxes with the U.K. last year, the French government swore it would get more money out of the search giant — based, as then-Finance Minister Michel Sapin said, ... Lire

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