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New leak of Brexit papers reveals fissures between Britain and EU


The EU will risk heightening tensions with the UK on Brexit by publishing five combative position papers in the coming days, including one that places the onus on Britain to solve the problem of the Irish border, according to documents leaked to ... Lire

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Asia’s foreign reserves reach record high


Governments and central banks in Asia held a record-high level of U.S. treasuries and other foreign assets at the end of July. Combined foreign reserves in Asian countries and regions excluding Japan and China reached $2.4 trillion at end-July, up ... Lire

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Israeli jets strike military facility in Hama: Syria


Israeli fighter jets have struck a military facility in western Syria, killing two people, according to a Syrian commander quoted by the state-run news agency SANA. The army statement said the air strike caused material damage near the town of ... Lire

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It’s Time for Draghi to Talk About the Elephant in the Room


Mario Draghi is finally having the talk he has long sought to avoid. The European Central Bank president opened a debate about the future path of stimulus on Wednesday after the Governing Council was presented with various scenarios for winding down ... Lire

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