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Platinum Mines in the World’s Top Producer Are Shrinking

“Ramaphoria” boosted the rand and revived investor sentiment on South Africa. But deep underground in the country’s platinum mines, there’s very little cause for optimism. Producers in South Africa, which accounts for about 70 percent of the world’s mined platinum, ... Lire

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There’s a New Center of Power in Germany


To gauge the balance of power in Angela Merkel’s new government, look at where she’s placed her top political fixer. The German chancellor has entrusted Peter Altmaier with a key mission: bulking up the Economy Ministry, traditionally a relative backwater ... Lire

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African free trade agreement: Matters arising


The African Continental Free Trade Area agreement was endorsed on Wednesday, March  21, 2018, by 44 African countries in Kigali, Rwanda. Nine other African Union member-countries, including Nigeria and South Africa, have delayed their assent to the treaty. Hereafter, matters ... Lire

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Les barrières douanières vont tomber en Afrique


Le plus dur commence désormais et la prochaine étape sera la ratification par les pays de l’accord de libre-échange continentale et le protocole de libre circulation. Quels avantages ou conséquences pour les pays ? Une quarantaine de dirigeants africains ont ... Lire

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Ukraine detains ex-POW Nadiya Savchenko over alleged terror plot


Ukrainian authorities have detained Nadiya Savchenko, an ex-combat pilot in Ukraine’s air force, on suspicion of planning an armed attack against the parliament. Savchenko had gained notoriety after her trial in Russia. Independent Ukrainian lawmaker Nadiya Savchenko was detained by ... Lire

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