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Macron at UN rebukes Trump’s ‘law of the strongest’


French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday (Sep 25) urged world leaders to reject “the law of the most powerful,” offering a rebuke to Donald Trump’s go-it-alone approach to global challenges. Macron did not refer to the US president by name ... Lire

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World upside down as EU and Russia unite against US

GA opening day

The UN general assembly in New York, the world’s largest diplomatic event, turned into a show of EU solidarity with Russia and China against the US on Tuesday (25 September). The development, which came about over Iran, symbolised a world-turned-upside-down ... Lire

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India’s parched earth: Too late to solve the worst water crisis in its history?


Population growth, rapid development, widespread pollution and bureaucratic mismanagement are putting tremendous pressure on the country’s depleting water resources. The programme Insight looks at whether Day Zero is inevitable. It was once known as the city of a thousand lakes. ... Lire

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Cuadrilla to start fracking in England in weeks


Shale gas developer Cuadrilla will start fracking at its Preston New Road site in northwest England in the next few weeks, it said on Wednesday as it announced government approval for a second well. Hydraulically fracturing, or fracking, involves extracting ... Lire

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