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U.S. soybeans would be China’s biggest weapon in a trade war


Import tariffs announced by the Trump administration threaten to spark a global trade war that could put a dent in the U.S. agricultural market—and domestic soybean prices could suffer the most. U.S. trading partners world-wide have threatened to retaliate against ... Lire

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Peru president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigns amid corruption scandal


Peru’s president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has offered his resignation after secret video recordings entangled him in a new corruption scandal on the eve of an impeachment vote, plunging one of Latin America’s steadiest economies into a political crisis. It was ... Lire

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Denmark to build fence on German border to keep out deadly swine


Denmark will build a 70-kilometer (44-mile) fence along its southern border with Germany to keep out wild boars infected with a deadly African swine fever, the government said on Thursday. The virus that causes the fever is harmless to humans ... Lire

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14K Empty Shoes Near US Capitol Honor Child Gun Violence Victims


Thousands of children’s shoes were on display outside the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday as a temporary memorial to children killed by gun violence. The Monument for Our Kids, made up for 7,000 pairs of shoes, represents every child killed with a ... Lire

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Nouvelle finance : l’Œil sur les ICO

Dans cinq ans, les ICO (Initial Coin Offering), qui apparaissent aujourd’hui comme un micro-phénomène de la sphère des levées de fonds, constitueront un moyen incontournable pour structurer durablement une entreprise. À mi-chemin entre le crowdfunding et la levée de fonds ... Lire

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