China Rapid Finance to triple number of users on its consumer lending platform

Firm committed to grow lending business in accordance with Chinese regulations, says founder.

China Rapid Finance (CRF), the mainland’s largest online consumer lending platform in terms of the number of loans transacted, is looking to triple the number of users this year as it looks to create a business on par with a major commercial bank’s credit-card division.

Zane Wang Zhengyu, founder and chief executive of CRF, told the South China Morning Post that the company would be impervious to the challenges facing other peer-to-peer (P2P) operators on the mainland, and would continue to bolster its online consumer lending businesses in accordance with Beijing’s financial reforms.

“We have been trying to nurture the growth of the online consumer lending business in China,” he said. “High frequency of small-loan borrowings is the key to our success.”

read more : South China Morning Post, 08.01.2017