Comments on the German elections – “The East Strikes Back”? (by Christel Hahn)

german elections

The first point to be observed is that the result of the elections is very different from the latest polls. The CDU was given to 37% and it ended to 33%, while the AfD was given around 10% and ended to 13%. There is a problem with polling lately, polling with a new party (AfD) is inaccurate and it does not take in consideration the very strong social media campaigns the last days, like the one conducted by the AfD against Merkel. (Example for the last-minute-message of this campaign: “Merkel herself asks for her own voting out, because she asks to only vote for constitutional parties, but she is the one who broke the constitution by letting refugees in”… ).

AfD’s popularity?

There was a general survey directly after the election: wheras majority of voters of other parties say, they voted because they support the party they voted for, 60% of AfD voters say, they voted, because they dont like the other parties …

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