Why we are suing the Norwegian government


For the first time ever, a government is being brought to justice for opening new areas for oil and gas extraction after signing and ratifying the Paris Agreement.

This historic court case is set to begin in Oslo, Norway, on November 14. Greenpeace and Norwegian environmental organisation Nature and Youth are challenging the Norwegian government in court for allowing oil companies to drill for new oil in the Arctic. For the first time in more than 20 years, the government has awarded oil licenses in a completely new area of the Barents Sea to 13 oil companies, a move that violates the country’s own constitution and contravenes the Paris Agreement. At the time that the lawsuit was filed, then UN chief Ban Ki-moon said:The fate of the Arctic is tied to the fate of Miami, Mumbai, Shanghai and [other] coastal cities … When the Arctic suffers, the world feels the pain.” This is a beautifully worded description of the alarming reality we are facing: the negative effect of climate change on the Arctic has catastrophic consequences around the world…

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