Denmark to build fence on German border to keep out deadly swine


Denmark will build a 70-kilometer (44-mile) fence along its southern border with Germany to keep out wild boars infected with a deadly African swine fever, the government said on Thursday.

The virus that causes the fever is harmless to humans and other animals, but it is fatal to farm pigs. There is no vaccine against the disease.

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Securing Scandinavian swine

An outbreak in Denmark would force the country to temporarily stop all pork exports to non-EU countries and halt exports from the affected area to other EU countries, the government said.

“I don’t want to take any chances. We face a risk to exports that are annually worth 11 billion kroner ($1.8 billion, €1.5 billion),” said Minister for Environment and Food Esben Lunde Larsen, referring to non-EU exports…

Read more : Deutsche Welle, 22.03.2018