A fairy tale for good Europeans


The “pro-European candidate” has won Serbia’s presidential election, Western media are happy to report. Aleksandar Vucic’s image affords him a hasty stamp of approval, writes DW’s Dragoslav Dedovic.

Why does Aleksandar Vucic (seen above) strike many political observers as a moderate despite his authoritarian tendencies? The general political climate is foremost to blame. With London and Washington giving the EU a cold shoulder, any EU fan is warmly welcomed – including from Belgrade.

Vucic, currently the prime minister, will be able to rule the next five years as president without discernible opposition. A third consecutive victory in last year’s parliamentary vote for his populist conservative Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) gave Vucic a strong mandate heading into the election. Now, as party leader and soon-to-be president, he is by far the most powerful political leader in Serbia, even though prime minister is traditionally the office that wields the most authority in the country…

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