Chinese author awarded Morocco’s highest cultural honor


Given by the Ministry of Culture of Morocco, the prize aims to commend authors that speak different languages and whose works have had a great influence on the literature of Morocco and the Arab world.

The award was handed out during Morocco’s 23rd International Book Fair in Casablanca.

This isn’t the first time Liu Zhenyun has been honored by the Arab world. In 2016 he was given a similar award by Egypt.

After receiving the honor, Liu expressed his gratitude to many translators, saying that their hard work had taken his literary works to Morocco and the Arab world.

Liu also said that he felt at home wherever he found his works. “The way of living and attitude towards life in the Arab world touches me deeply, and I am inspired by Arab literary works. The more I know different cultures, the more I know there is much room for me to improve. I’ll start all over again for my next literary work,” said Liu…

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