Coming up, the GEAB Bulletin No 125. The summary


It is difficult to cover, in just one GEAB bulletin, all the transitions currently taking place as part of the repositioning of the world’s major players.

In geopolitics, following the removal of the last of the barriers imposed by the previous world order (North and South Korea, Saudi Arabia, US military and monetary supremacy, supra-national restrictions…) and in line with our anticipations, vast amounts of pent-up energy are now being released along paths that have long been marked out, but were previously forbidden… China is unveiling its economic power (as a prime importer of oil), its military power (with J-20 stealth fighter planes, air-to-air missiles etc.) and its monetary power (with the famous petro-gold-yuan, the arrival of which GEAB announced to its readers as early as September 2017, anticipating the irresistible nature of these forward contracts, including for Saudi Arabia). It is establishing itself worldwide, particularly in the South China Sea, setting up its regional security architecture whilst Western eyes are fixed (quite rightly) on the Middle East: Everyone, as they say, has their own problems!

With regard to finance, in the face of debts which ten years of ‘crisis management’ have not brought under control, Europeans and Americans continue to lose sleep in anticipation of a huge financial crisis that the IMF predicts will be ten times greater than that of 2008. The US debt has doubled in absolute value (from 10,000 to 20,000 billion dollars) and that of the EU has increased from 8,000 to 12,000 billion euros. The balance sheets of the Fed and the ECB need to be cleared and strategies for tapping the citizens’ resources are under way. But are we really on the eve of a new financial crash? In answer to this question, our team homes in on the arguments. We need to keep our eyes peeled and, more particularly, to break free from the ideological reflexes of the twentieth century, to have any hope of seeing in this ‘global system’ the crisis resolution interactions that are bringing about a liberation from the former status quo.

In thirty pages, we share with our readers our understanding of this huge global reconfiguration and our anticipations of the forthcoming loci of transition. Once again, this is the challenge we face in the May issue of the GEAB, the 125th in 12 years, coming out (in French) on the 15th of this month!

Summary of the GEAB No 125:

– Currencies, armies and oil: Significant realignments of the major world players
– Finance: The advent of a new international monetary system
– Western Debt: The challenge of financial collapse
– The South China Sea: Establishing a Chinese Regional Security Architecture
– The Middle East: Will it explode or not?
– Greece-Germany: The next two gas powers of Europe (an ironic turn of fate)
– France: From the broken dream of Europe to the reawakening of the Francophony?
– New technologies: The geopolitics of cryptocurrencies
– Future Calendar
– Investments, trends and recommendations

Stay tuned for the up-coming GEAB 125 !
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