Dutch politicians ‘ready to form government’ 208 days after election


Nearly seven months after they voted in an election on 15 March, Dutch voters are to get a new government this week, local media have reported. The prime minister, Mark Rutte, is expected to present a rocky four-party coalition to parliament on Monday, 208 days after his liberal VVD party won the March polls.

If approved by MPs, the government’s plans will be officially presented on Tuesday – making the negotiations the longest to form a new government in modern Dutch history. “We will all go to our political groups, but I think there is a good agreement to form a government,” Rutte told reporters in The Hague. But cementing a stable marriage between Rutte’s business-friendly VVD, the progressive D66 and two Christian parties, the relatively moderate CDA and the far more conservative Christian Union, may prove challenging.

D66 is pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights and pro-EU, and wants pioneering Dutch euthanasia laws extended so that not just terminally ill patients can decide to end their lives. The Christian Union opposes the euro, abortion, same-sex marriage and euthanasia…

Read more : The Guardian, 09.10.2017