French elections: everything changes!


In a “re-landed” Europe at the national level, the outcome of the French presidential election will soon give a clear indication of the EU’s recomposition phase. Anticipation at this stage is not of much interest. We have always said that this campaign was atypical in many respects and very clever is the one who could predict its outcome.

Today, it is clear that the evidence in which attempts have been made to enclose the French have ceased to be so. The inevitability of the presence of Marine Le Pen in the second round, the “moral duty” of the Macron vote to counter it in the second round, is a strategy of manipulation of opinions for which the French have not really fallen for. What we call the trap of “reason or fascism” or “be reasonable (vote Macron) otherwise you are Nazis (by participating in Le Pen’s accession to power)”, very similar to an injunction made to the Americans a few months before, is no longer certain of succeeding.

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