EUROPE : COMMUNITY OR EMPIRE? (Elements of reflection and principles of action for future European citizens)


“ Or else, she (Europe) can sink into the ruts of history and be the “murdered Mozart” of the 21st century’s politics. Then, unconsciously, it will suffice to get rid of the concept and name of Community (reference to its innovative origin) in order to put back on the classical coat of “power-union”, of “United States”. (The main problem of the “union” is that for it to live, diversity must die. History tells us so … For a year now, they keep telling us about this European Union.)

A failure of individuals and minorities facing a centre and a bureaucracy aiming to control, to standardise and not to develop. A failure of the peace ideals also, because an empire is always providing platforms where conflicts and wars prolife­rate, a sine qua non condition for the maintenance of interior peace. Finally, the failure of a positive contribution to man­kind, because an empire needs enemies, whilst a Community requires partners.

If we (Anticipolis Editions) chose to publish this unpublished text it is because these ques­tions are still so bitterly actual. At a time when we are undergoing major political, institutional and political upheavals, 25 years after the choice of the “Union”, the inherent risks for the Maastricht Treaty defined by Franck Biancheri are currently getting ready to come out. For the last ten years or so, we have witnessed the implo­sion of the Union project inaugurated by the Maastricht Treaty. Re-reading Franck Biancheri’s anticipations helps to understand the springs of failure and to build the next Europe from the lessons learned and on a much better understood foundation.

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