France gives Macron big majority with little enthusiasm


French president Emmanuel Macron won a three-fifth majority in the lower house in the second round of the legislatives elections on Sunday (18 June), but less than half of voters cast a ballot.

Macron’s political movement, La Republique en Marche (LRM, The Republic on the Move) won 308 seats in the National Assembly, out of 577, after obtaining 43.06 percent of the vote. Its centrist ally, the Modem party, got 40 seats (6 percent).

While not as big as expected after the first round, LRM’s majority left other parties behind and completed Macron’s destruction of the old political landscape. The conservative Republicans party will be the main opposition faction, with 113 seats (22.2 percent), down from 192 in the outgoing assembly.

The party leader, Francois Baroin, said he was happy that the Republicans will be “big enough” to “make its differences with LRM heard”. The Socialist Party (PS), which was the main party with 270 MPs, was left with 29 seats (5.68 percent). Several ministers who served under former president Francois Hollande lost to newcomers. The PS leader, Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, who was himself eliminated in the first round, resigned from his position…

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