France to enshrine some state of emergency measures into law


France’s new anti-terror bill will allow police to continue to carry out house raids without a warrant and restrict suspects’ movement. Rights advocates decried the bill, but it met with little public resistance.

France’s lower house of parliament on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly in favor a new anti-terrorism bill, taking several measures in place under a 2-year-old state of emergency and enshrining them permanently into law.

The new law will bolster French police’s search and surveillance powers, allow suspected terror sympathizers to be confined to their residences or neighborhoods and make it easier for authorities to close mosques suspected of preaching hatred — all without seeking prior permission from a judge.

Lower house legislators adopted the bill by a margin of 415 to 127, with 19 abstentions. It was approved by the upper house Senate in July and is expected to easily pass through the National Assembly, where President Emmanuel Macron’s En March! party (LREM) boasts a comfortable majority…

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