May Scrambles for Brexit Compromise as Tory Tensions Rise


U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is in a frantic search for the perfect compromise. Her mission is clear: to find a way to unite the warring Brexit factions in her party before they derail the government.

May’s officials started work Wednesday drafting a new clause in her key piece of Brexit legislation, after she narrowly avoided a defeat in Parliament by offering last-minute concessions to pro-EU lawmakers. The new text will probably reduce the chances of Britain tumbling out of the bloc without a deal — something businesses and investors fear as the worst case scenario.

But as talks get going, May has two factions to please. The text needs to honor her pledge to pro-EU Tories that she’ll take account of their concerns about the possibility of leaving the bloc without a deal and give Parliament more say over the process…

Read more : Bloomberg, 13.06.2018