New Finance: Eyes on ICOs

In the next five years, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which currently looks like a micro-phenomenon in the sphere of fundraising, will be an essential means for structuring a company on a sustainable basis. Halfway between crowdfunding and traditional fundraising IPO (Initial Public Offering), ICO is a new tool allowing companies to deploy a new growth model based on the issuance of tokens against crypto-currencies instead of other traditional operations…
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Oil Anticipation: 20th May 2018 – Venezuela’s comeback and an oil price decrease
No one needs expensive oil and we anticipate that oil prices are about to drop significantly and sustainably in the coming months. Read on for the reasons behind this anticipation. Since the main topic of this GEAB number is the dissolving of supranational systems, we will start with the anticipation that OPEC will cease to exist by the end of 2018. We have always said that the production reduction agreements of OPEC were the only reason why oil prices had gone up…
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Investments, trends and recommendations
– ICOs: Be agile, but well informed
– NEOM: The key to a new Middle East citizenship?
– Oil: Beware of dollar fluctuations
– European arms industry: All the way, with military QE ahead
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