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GEAB Bestof – Summer 2018

bestof geab 2018

LEAP (Laboratoire Européen d’Anticipation Politique) has just released a special edition “Bestof GEAB Summer 2018” with excerpts of what the GEAB readers considered to be as best articles of the last 12 months.Europe, Middle East, India, Arctic, governance, new finance, energies, innovations, paradigm shift ... Read

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New Finance: Eyes on ICOs

In the next five years, the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which currently looks like a micro-phenomenon in the sphere of fundraising, will be an essential means for structuring a company on a sustainable basis. Halfway between crowdfunding and traditional fundraising ... Read

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United Kingdom 2019: What if Brexit proved to be a success story?

So far, the media and political analysts have been unanimous: Brexit represents an uncertain and dangerous future only for the UK. Our readers know that we have always been more circumspect about this. Now that the first phase of negotiations ... Read

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Europe 2018: The EU unplugged

We have been anticipating for many months a political takeover by the national level all over the world. This takeover has emerged as a necessity linked to the structural incapacity of supranational levels of governance (patiently put in place during ... Read

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Global Systemic Crisis / End of 2017: High turbulence zone! Finance – Freedom – Security – Kaliningrad: Avoid the Third World War now!

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More than three years after the Ukraine-related Euro-Russian catastrophe, there is no hope of an end to this crisis. On the contrary, the tension inexorably keeps climbing: Donbass still at war, annexation of Crimea by Russia not recognised by the ... Read

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