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Geopolitical crisis : A moribund NATO


As we have explained on other occasions, NATO is still there, of course, but only because there are no better options at hand. Everyone wants to be rid of it – the Europeans who want a common European defence[1] and ... Read

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Disconnection of the City and Multipolarisation of Eurozone Financial Markets (European Financial System by 2022)


(Selected article from the Bulletin GEAB 121 / Jan 2018) “Brexit means Brexit”[1]. For Theresa May, soft Brexit does not exist: an exit from the European Union necessarily means an exit from the European single market. Brexit therefore means hard ... Read

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Coming up, the GEAB Bulletin No 125. The summary


It is difficult to cover, in just one GEAB bulletin, all the transitions currently taking place as part of the repositioning of the world’s major players. In geopolitics, following the removal of the last of the barriers imposed by the ... Read

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The Indian development: A social, political and geopolitical bomb

In view of Narendra Modi’s very probable re-election in 2019, it is time to take stock of the Indian Prime Minister’s first term; a somewhat mixed balance sheet, both economically and politically. The partial failure of the demonetisation scheme, the ... Read

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