EU visa waiver unlikely to import Ukraine crime


Visa-free travel is unlikely to prompt a Ukrainian crime wave in Europe because its gangsters found ways to get in long ago, an EU police chief has said.

Kestutis Lancinskas, a Lithuanian police chief who heads an EU rule-of-law mission in Kiev, told EUobserver Ukraine is currently seeing a spike in “all types of crime”.

The recent killings of a Russian dissident, Denis Voronenkov, and of a journalist, Pavel Sheremet, brought back memories of the lawlessness in Ukraine when it split from the Soviet Union in the 1990s.

Lancinskas said those cases appeared to be political. “I don’t think they were related to organised crime”, he said.

But he said Ukraine suffered from a “very high crime rate” with “all types of crime on the increase”. He listed corporate raiding, racketeering, prostitution, human trafficking, and thefts of luxury cars among the problems. He said that, despite the phalanx of Western advisors in Ukraine, this was to be expected due to its post-revolutionary political turmoil, its economic crisis, and its conflict with Russia. He said the conflict meant illegal firearms were readily available…

Read more : EUObserver, 19.06.2017