Germany and France lead EU budget concerns


Germany has voiced concern on fair burden-sharing in the next EU budget, while France is outraged by proposed cuts in farm aid.

The bloc’s most powerful states joined other complaints from northern countries, after the European Commission unveiled its post-Brexit finance plan on Wednesday (2 May). “We are ready to take responsibility for strengthening the European Union – but this requires a fair burden-sharing of all member states,” the German foreign and finance ministers Heiko Mass and Olaf Scholz said in a joint statement in reaction to the proposals.

The commission spending plan for 2021-2028 “would considerably increase the additional burden on Germany” by €10bn a year, they added. Germany, the biggest net contributor to the EU treasury, is also reluctant to use its wealth to pay for deeper monetary union, for instance, by creating a eurozone deposit guarantee scheme. Its warning on burden-sharing echoed discontent in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden – wealthy states who will also see their EU contributions go up after Britain leaves the bloc next year …

Read more : EUObserver, 03.05.2018