Poland’s Court-Revamp Blitz Fuels Anxiety for Business Group

The Polish ruling party’s accelerated judicial overhaul, set to give politicians more sway in court matters, bypasses needed public consultations and undermines investor confidence, according to the country’s leading business lobby group.

Emboldened by rising public support following U.S. President Donald Trump’s visit to Warsaw last week, Law & Justice’s latest legislative plans are poised to push Poland deeper into conflict with the European Union and have triggered opposition accusations that it’s building a “dictatorship.” The party’s previous changes to courts triggered an unprecedented probe by the bloc’s executive, which accused Poland of “persistent” rule-of-law breaches.

After the lower house of parliament on Wednesday approved giving lawmakers the right to choose who sits on the National Judiciary Council, a body that decides which judges are promoted and how courts are run, the ruling party proposed revamping the Supreme Court. The revamp, coming in a streamlined legislative procedure that omits public consultations, would give the government control over the panel that, among other things, approves election results…

Read more : Bloomberg, 13.07.2017