EU ties under pressure in run-up to Norway election


Norway’s next government could have to review the country’s relations with the EU, as EU-critical parties are expected to gain ground in the general elections on 11 September.

Both of the largest parties – the Conservatives, which currently rules Norway in a coalition government, and Labour, which hopes to take over – would like to continue with the current relationship format, based on the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA, which Norway joined in 1994, gives the country access to the EU single market. In exchange, it has to implement EU law, without having a say in its making.

A comprehensive review of the agreement in the form of a so-called Norwegian official report (NOU), commissioned by the Norwegian government and published in 2012, found that the EEA served Norway’s economic interests well, but worked in ways that weakened Norwegian democracy, by making the parliament irrelevant in the formulation and adoption of laws effective in the country…

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