European Transnational Lists, a real good progressive idea! (Marianne Ranke-Cormier)


I will not even mention the link to the article “Transnational Lists, a false good idea”, published by the Taurillon, to which I decided to react today. An article signed by a Swiss author, as if in Europe we no longer had thinkers and intellectuals capable of imagining the tools which would be best for us to manage the invention of centuries: European democracy.

Yes, the Swiss, and they are not the only ones lecturing Europe about how to manage a 500-million-citizen democracy. Switzerland, with its 8 million inhabitants, whose citizens refuse to join the EU, but at the same time profiting largely from its financial woes; citizens who suffer from all forms of extremism and citizenship issues, the death of their traditional political parties by abandonment, whose cantons are totally unable to agree on immigration policies …

And which European parties are they talking about? From this aggregate of political groups in the European Parliament… whose deputies are not even the representatives of the majority of their own country … who can’t even agree on the same social, liberal political lines and whose voting rules are anything but democratic!

Well, that is precisely what Switzerland is willing to offer, the emergence of populism, extremism and sovereignism within the next European Parliament as the first European party. They should not even try to draw a common line for European citizens, just to hear one another how to unravel Europe…

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