Impeaching Trump: Four Eternal Myths


Discussing the viability of launching a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump is like driving a racecar around a decaying track. The exercise is equal parts furious and tedious, sure to jolt over the same potholes again and again.

In June, concerned that the impeachment option was being appended as a tagline to every major scandal coming out of the White House, I argued that it makes little sense, practically speaking, to bang the impeachment drum prematurely. To help put the discussion on more principled footing, I offered a lengthy meditation on the nature of impeachment as described by the great constitutional scholar Charles Black Jr., who called for restraint and common sense in his unbeatable 69-page handbook on the subject. And this week, Benjamin Wittes and I argued that a formal inquiry is now warranted.

In writing these pieces, I have noticed a small set of fallacies crop up repeatedly among Trump supporters and critics on the subject of impeachment. Any talk of impeaching a sitting president will be steeped in controversy, but here I address head-on some myths that can be done away with…

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