India, China set eyes on joint satellite constellation for BRICS

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Space really knows no national boundaries, yet some of the most bitter earthly battles are fought on space issues. Amid this so-called star wars, some new green shoots of international collaboration can be seen to be emerging.

Most recently, possibly the short sightedness of Pakistan led it to opt out of the proposed SAARC Satellite, a friendly gift from India. From its ashes, it seems a new proposal to have satellite constellation on behalf of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) has emerged.

Meanwhile, 11 of the world’s best-known and richest space agencies met last week in New Delhi and mooted the idea of a ‘global space observatory’ to monitor climate change. It seems some of the existential questions on the future of human kind can best be answered from the inky darkness of space… Read more: Economic Times, 10.04.2016