Antarctica tourism growing steadily, posing potential ecological threat


Life in the islands fringing the Antarctic Peninsula is abundant, a place of seemingly endless variety. The whole region is richly biodiverse, a living example of how things can be, when free from the influence of man.

We made a landing on the small cobble beach at Hannah Point, named after the British sealing vessel Hannah that was wrecked here in 1820 while operating in the South Shetland Islands.

Vertical cliff edges soar up to 50 metres above sea level where several prehistoric-looking giant southern petrel raise enormous young, fluffed up in self-grown downy duvets.

On the beach a welcoming colony of hundreds of Gentoo penguins stumble about across the stones, sometimes falling flat on their fronts. Others are swimming in the shallows, dipping and gliding underwater…

Read more : Aljazeera, 11.03.2018