Merkel’s Real Work Starts Now With Fourth Term Set


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has her work cut out now that she’s on track to begin her fourth term.

President Donald Trump’s threat of tariffs on European cars, China’s global investment push and Emmanuel Macron’s calls for a closer-knit euro area all demand a German response after more than five months of political stalemate. Merkel, 63, said her new government must begin work quickly after the Social Democratic Party’s vote to join her for another coalition.

“We’re seeing from what we hear every day very clearly that Europe is needed — and for that a strong German voice, together with France and other member states, is needed,” Merkel told reporters on Monday. She cited global trade and competitiveness with China as urgent issues facing a new government.

Merkel is scheduled to be sworn in with her cabinet by Germany’s lower house of parliament, or Bundestag, on March 14. She’ll outline her agenda in an address to parliament the following week, before the March 22-23 European Union summit in Brussels…

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