Poverty and social exclusion: Millions of Germans on brink


About 20 percent of people in Germany are threatened by poverty and other forms of social exclusion. According to EU statistics, close to a quarter of the bloc’s residents faced such precarious conditions in 2016.

Poverty and other forms of social exclusion affect 16 million people in Germany — 19.7 percent of the population — the Federal Statistical Office reported on Wednesday as part of an EU study.

The study defines threatened people as those who receive less than 60 percent of the median national income, are subjected to severe or persistent material deprivation, or live in households with “very low work intensity.” According to the study, about 16.5 percent of people in Germany face such precarious conditions because they are paid too little. The threshold for determining whether a person is threatened by economic circumstances was €1,064 ($1,233) per month for singles and €2,234 for households with two adults and two children younger than 14…

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