Russian meddling in Greece divides traditional Orthodox allies


As Orthodox Christian nations on the frontiers of Europe, Russia and Greece have long enjoyed close ties. The recent name dispute with Macedonia, however, has led to a falling out between the two countries.

It sounds like a plotline straight out of a James Bond film, but in reality, it’s fueled a diplomatic row between former friends. Russian diplomats in Greece were caught last month attempting to bribe local politicians, businessmen and powerful Orthodox priests from the Athos monastery to influence the outcome of the name dispute between Greece and its northern neighbor, Macedonia. In an escalation of tensions, Greece responded by denouncing the four Russian diplomats involved in the scheme.

“The Greek government seeks good relations with all states, but we will not accept behavior that violates international law and undermines the Greek authorities,” said Greek government spokesperson Dimitris Tzanakopoulos…

Read more : Deutsche Welle, 03.08.2018