Sweden Scandal Highlights Cheap Romanian, Serbian IT Market


The growth of the low-cost IT subcontracting market in Eastern Europe has been highlighted by a scandal over Romanian, Czech and Serbian programmers potentially having access to Swedish citizens’ data. The Swedish government could face impeachment after Prime Minister Stefan Lofven admitted on Monday that Romanian, Czech and Serbian programmers without proper security clearance might have had access to the personal data of Swedish citizens – an incident that showed how low-cost Eastern European IT companies are increasingly being used by Western European countries.

Swedish premier Lofven confirmed at a press conference on Monday that his administration potentially exposed the personal information of millions of Sweden’s citizens after the Swedish Transport Agency started outsourcing its database and IT service management to private companies like IBM in the Czech Republic and Romania and NCR in Serbia.

Romanian programmers told BIRN that the situation is quite common, because many multinational IT companies in Central and Western Europe use Eastern European subcontractors whose employees carry out the projects at cheaper rates.

However, they said, security conditions, even when the client is a multinational company rather than a government, are tight for the programmers because of fears that they might steal sensitive data…

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