The end of the citizen internet


«It will become increasingly difficult to send newsletters in mass mailings, to use the word “political” in your non-individual messages, to carry out militant actions via Internet, use certain words in your exchanges on Facebook … Terrorism will be the excuse, but the real target will be the ability for citizens to organise themselves. We have been announcing it for a long time, but 2017 will make it visible: there will be a transition from internet revolution to internet terror. And it is not from Russia that this will come but from our home. »

It’s happening slowly but surely and it is more and more real… How many of you have seen their Facebook message being “de-published” without any warning or apparent reason? At the European level, cyber-security budgets are getting higher (from €4 billion to almost €8 billion over the 2014-2020 period)[1], and the European Parliament has adopted in October the new ePrivacy Regulation that would remove a number of privacy and data protections[2]. The United States have just voted the end of the net neutrality[3]
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