Trump Plans Historic Cuts Across Government to Fund Defense


President Donald Trump is proposing historically deep budget cuts that would touch almost every federal agency and program and dramatically reorder government priorities to boost defense and security spending, although it’s likely to face a fight in Congress.

The president’s fiscal 2018 budget request, which will be formally delivered Thursday to U.S. lawmakers, would slash or eliminate many of the Great Society programs that Republicans have for decades tried to peel back while showering the Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security with new resources.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement Thursday he welcomed the Trump blueprint because it “turns the page from the last eight years” of President Barack Obama, though he did not go as far as endorsing specific, individual department reductions. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer issued a statement saying the plans would be “devastating to the middle class” and that Democrats will “emphatically” oppose the cuts and urge Republicans to oppose them as well…

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