Kenyan supreme court annuls Uhuru Kenyatta election victory


The decision surprised many in Kenya, where courts have long been subservient to the president. “In the whole world, all eyes were on this supreme court and the judge did the right thing,” said 36-year-old Frederick Oyieng, a nightwatchman. Donna Abongo, 39, an accountancy student, said: “It was a surprise because the trend in justice in Kenya is not good, but this time justice has been done.”

Residents in the western city of Kisumu, where Odinga has strong backing, cheered and motorcycle drivers hooted their horns. Odinga said the court had set an “exceptional example for all of Africa”. “Our judiciary now knows they have the power,” he said. “We thank the supreme court for standing up for the truth.”

Some observers worried that the decision could lead to political chaos. Kenya, east Africa’s biggest economy, has a history of disputed elections and political violence. But others welcomed a demonstration of the strength of local institutions. “It is a watershed judgment by a court. There is no precedent anywhere in Africa. There is nothing like it,” said Alex Vines, head of the Africa programme at Chatham House, in London. “It’s good news for Kenya. Where you have strengthening institutions you get a better result …

Read more : The Guardian, 01.09.2017