Key issues likely to dominate the 2017 BRICS Summit


The ninth annual BRICS summit gets underway in Xiamen from 3 – 5 September under China’s chairmanship. This year’s theme is “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”. President Xi Jinping has outlined four priorities for the summit: 1) deepen BRICS cooperation for common development; 2) enhance global governance to jointly meet challenges; 3) carry out people-to-people exchanges to support BRICS cooperation; and 4) make institutional improvements and build broader partnerships.

What are the key issues that member states should prioritise? Five experts on Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa share their views.

South Africa: Economic growth

South Africa is currently experiencing low economic growth. In 2016, gross domestic product grew at a mere 0.3%, with predictions for 2017 showing slow recovery at 0.8%. Latest employment figures (June 2017) also point towards challenges within the economy, with the unemployment rate at 27.7% – the highest since 2003. It will be pertinent to see how South Africa can leverage the BRICS relationship to assist in addressing its domestic economic constraints…

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