Learning from China: three lessons for the ignorant West


Diego Gilardoni says after years of ignorance, the Western political and business elite need to understand that some Chinese cultural traits – such as longer-term, holistic thinking – can help open new frontiers and opportunities. There is only one thing more staggering than China’s mind-blowing economic metamorphosis in the past few decades. It is the still widespread ignorance about China among Western political and business elites. We live in a multipolar and complex world, in which China is becoming an indispensable player, but too many still think through a Western-centric and simplistic mental framework that is still rooted in the 20th century and therefore does not meet today’s challenges. China’s increasing clout on the global stage is met with a combination of fascination, awe, concern and sometimes outright fear, and rare are those who make a serious effort to understand China and try to see the world through its cultural prism. This is a serious mistake, because understanding Chinese culture has become indispensable for anyone interested in making sense of a hyper-complex world where China plays an increasingly crucial role…

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