News Chronicle: American Tsunami and Foresight (Franck Biancheri, 2005)


Harvey, the storm devasting Houston and ravaging the region on its way to Louisiana these days, sadly has a taste of déjà vu, and we could take word for word what Franck Biancheri wrote in September 2005 about the storm Katrina. Yet in Houston, as in New Orleans 12 years ago, it was known that this storm was going to happen … We invite you to re-read the conclusions that Franck Biancheri drew from the lesson of Katrina in 2005:

“The world was totally shocked and horrified by the disastrous show caused by Hurricane Katrina. A different America was exposed there… Beyond the material damage, the human misery emerged from the TV broadcasted images… and the revelation of the weaknesses of the American governance, which took a long time to figure out the magnitude of the disaster and react effectively…

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