WTO says US failed to fully comply in Boeing subsidies dispute

The World Trade Organization said Friday the United States had not fully complied with a 2012 ruling ordering it to halt subsidies to Boeing, in a partial victory for rival aircraft maker Airbus and the EU.

The ruling from a WTO panel was the latest blow in the decade-long clash between the titans of the civil aircraft industry, which has seen both Airbus and Boeing score points along the way.

The WTO ruled in March 2012 that billions of dollars of subsidies to Boeing were illegal and notified the United States to bring them to an end. But just a few months later, the European Union filed a new complaint with the global trade body, alledging that Washington was not complying with that order.

In the ruling published Friday, WTO said it had concluded that the state of Washington had continued to dish out subsidies totalling $325 million in the form of tax cuts  ..
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