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Is European Industry ready for the Green Deal?

Is European Industry ready for the Green Deal?

Concrete solutions to achieve the transition to sustainability right here, right now.

A series of web-conferences organized by the Club of Rome-EU Chapter, in collaboration with EIRMA with the participation of JEE

First conference: “Is European Industry ready for the Green Deal?”
13 April 2021 from 11:30 to 13:30 CET

What is the real impact of the Green Deal on industry: Is this the right time for the Green Deal to be an effective catalyst for action? How does industry address the Green Deal paradigm change in a holistic way? Has the time come for concrete sustainable solutions to become a reality right now?


  • Hosted by Cristina Vicini-Rademacher (Vice-President, Club of Rome – EU Chapter)
  • Moderated by Anne Goldberg (Task Force Responsible Innovation, EIRMA & Full Member, Club of Rome EU-Chapter)


  • Peter Dröll (Head of Prosperity, DG R&I, EC)
  • Anne Snick (Independent researcher in Responsible R&I; Board member, Club of Rome – EU Chapter; Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science)
  • Marja Zonnevylle (former General Manager Technology Portfolio at Shell, NL – Shell as EIRMA member),
  • Carlos Haertel (CTO at Climeworks, Switzerland; former General Manager of European R&D centre at GE Germany; and former EIRMA chair)
  • Julius Stoerrle (President, JEE Junior Enterprises Europe; Associate Member Club of Rome – EU chapter)


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About the Series

Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability is a new series of web-conferences hosted quarterly by the Club of Rome – EU Chapter’s Vice President, Cristina Vicini-Rademacher, in collaboration with EIRMA, the European Industrial Research Management Association and with the participation of JEE, Junior Enterprises Europe Association.

The series aims at stimulating the multi-stakeholders dialogue to inspire co-creation, identify the challenges and highlight concrete joint solutions, disruptors, and catalysts in view of accelerating our transition to sustainability.

Each web-conference brings together decision makers from different sectors in the economy, from the youth, and from our international members’ communities.

In the best tradition of the Club of Rome – EU Chapter, sustainability is addressed from a systemic angle (technological, societal, financial, ethical, industrial, policy and governance-related, etc.), exploring where and how Europe’s Green Deal’s goals could be reached much faster.

Results from the Innovation Ecosystems for Sustainability web-conferences will be published quarterly, highlighting and sharing multi-stakeholder best practices, methodologies, and processes, concrete tools and metrics, for effective impact and food for thought along the sustainability roadmap.


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