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New World Disorder ….. and what to do next

New World Disorder ….. and what to do next

April 8th at 14.00

In a world of disruption and conflict, how to manage our common climate?  can a next generation ‘Foresight 3.0’ enable the ‘collective climatic intelligence’? – (the communication, learning, innovation and co-production between all stakeholders). At the COP26 we started the ‘climate-wise’ reality-test game – www.manchester.ac.uk/synergistics/climate-wise/ – but recent events have raised new & powerful ‘threat multipliers’ for international cooperation. So what can we bring from future studies & systems thinking??

What can foresight do?  Longer range future studies are maybe not so relevant just now.  Maybe the value of foresight here is not so much longer range futures… but insights on the nature of the chaos & disruption. Then we can look for the points of maximum leverage in a free flowing future… This open round table runs in association with the International Symposium ‘Foresight and Science, Technology and Innovation Policy’ https://issek.hse.ru/en/announcements/577923810.html (in the interests of open doors to cooperation and the rehabilitation of a rogue nation from the international community)

Panellists: Ozcan Saritas, Ian Miles, Dr Liliana Proskurykova, Joe Ravetz (chair)

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