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Chinese scientists develop shape-shifting robot inspired by T-1000 from Terminator


Chinese scientists say they have developed a type of robot powered by liquid metal inspired by T-1000, the self-repairing, shape-shifting killer android from one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator films. The palm-sized robot comprises a plastic wheel, a small lithium battery ... Lire

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Nuclear weapons: old dilemmas, new dangers

UN Headquarters’ iconic Secretariat building reflects the autumn sky.

Nuclear weapons have posed a challenge to international security since 1945. Today that challenge looms as large as ever. The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty has been under severe threat for many years and even more so today. North Korea’s nuclear ... Lire

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Iran’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True


In what must seem like a nightmare scenario for Iran, not only is another U.S. president leveling sanctions against its economy, and particularly that economy’s lifeblood, its oil sector, but the current U.S. president has admittedly made it his mission ... Lire

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After Germany’s Merkel Comes Chaos


After a long, initially-successful run promoting European integration and mass immigration, German Chancellor Angela Merkel saw the bottom fall out of her political fortunes this year. This morning she stepped down as leader of the formerly-dominant Christian Democrat party and promised not ... Lire

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