Announcing the Anticipolis – LEAP Summer Package (available until 15th of July)

special offer

Anticipolis Editions (the exclusive distributor of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin), in partnership with LEAPoffers a Summer Package to every new GEAB subscriber joining our GEAB readers club before July 15. If you hesitated before to get a one-year subscription to the GEAB, now is the time to make up your mind.

The package will contain exclusive items for you:










Buy one get one free
Buy a one-year subscription for the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin and an extra subscription will be automatically offered for one of your collaborators whose business success needs future-orientation and analytical skills.
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GEAB archives – unlimited access
Eleven years of bulletins, all the GEAB archives, available in several languages and with unlimited access, for loooong summer evenings. Enjoy!
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GEAB special editions
A series of compilations of thoughts, reports, statistics and excerpts of older bulletins, with confidential references and resources on topics such as: Turkey, Brexit, US politics, Greece etc. Coming up next, a special focus on oil trends. (Special editions)

Thank you all for your trust in the added-value of our work.