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The new episode of Digging into the future is now online!

Our podcast presenting the topics covered in our monthly bulletin focuses this month on the geo-economic resurgence of the Western system, with serious doubts about its ability to withstand the shock …

The case of the United States is of course central to this issue. We are among those considering that an inflationary trend is already present, with a large part of the inflation being contained in financial markets and about to fall back in the real economy thanks to the US stimulus plan. More generally, the United States is now a wounded power, which could try to drag some of its allies down with it. The message is therefore „beware of what comes from the other side of the Atlantic.“

Europe and its recovery plan Next Generation EU seem more forward-looking. But while Trump’s mandate was an opportunity for the Old Continent to reposition itself, the Biden administration could try to bring the old order back in discussion. It will therefore take determination on the European side to take their new road towards the rest of the world.

Also on the menu: the role of crypto-currencies in the economic recovery, universal access to water as an indicator of the lack of global governance, and trends to follow in the space sector.

Enjoy the video!



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