The GEAB was writing this text in April 2017 (who knew anything about Bolsonaro’s existence at that time?)


We are particularly concerned about Brazil. As a member of the club of emerging powers in 2009, this country is returning to the stage of being an underdeveloped country at full speed, after three years of impossibility to govern under Rousseff and one year of governance under Temer. The favelas are on the rise again[1], sanitary conditions are deteriorating[2], prisons are blazing[3], mafias are reigning, infrastructure is collapsing[4] and generals are making increasingly alarmist statements[5] suggesting military interventions to solve problems on the streets and at the borders; a virulent extreme right (we invite you to discover the character of Jair Bolsonaro in particular[6]) emerges slowly and could serve as a “democratic” bail for a military coup on the country. Settlement is expected in 2018, the date of the elections are supposed to put an end to the interluding Temer (whom, we recall, has never been elected).

… South America, which is set up by the end of the decade, is much more fragmented than hoped, and if the Brazilian mammoth tilts as we begin to fear in a military dictatorship (speaking exclusively of border control and could serve the attack strategy against Venezuela that we anticipate for 2018[7]), next year, the prospects for the whole continent will considerably darken.
(this is fragment from the bulletin GEAB 114 / April 2017)


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