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Coming soon, the February edition of the GEAB (synopsis)

The gradual disappearance of the previous world order’s straitjackets of stability (international organisations, treaties, alliances, various regulations…) is becoming alarming. Will this alarm act as a spur or will it turn out to be a bad counsellor?

With the US-Russian exit from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), uncertainties surrounding US-China trade negotiations, the new phase of monetary-financial deregulation, the stalemate in the EU-UK divorce process, the geopolitical reversals concerning the Middle East, a new technological step with the arrival of 5G, the disappearance of the BRICS’ radars, the increasing agitation of citizens and the first intra-EU diplomatic breakups (Italy-France), the main actors of the very chaotic global governance are operating further and further from the radars of a media unable to understand current developments, further contributing to the uncertainty and general concern. Nevertheless, avenues for future development continue to appear here and there and these need to be acknowledged and clarified. As we have said before, the global systemic crisis is primarily a crisis of the future.

At the heart of this gigantic transition, the GEAB continues to provide insights into the future that is being built and to make sense of the Great World Disorder, which seems to have gone on increasing for the past 10 years. Specifically, as well as highlighting and analysing the current madness and presenting our new calendar for the next four months, we will endeavour to demonstrate the ways in which the monetary system can be reorganised via a combination of states, cryptocurrencies and gold and to reveal the emergence of two behemoths in the heart of the EU. Without eliminating the risk of an explosion linked to the failure of all the strategies currently deployed, we will thus paint a clear picture of the current developments, noting that the period from March to May will constitute an important turning point in the global systemic crisis that we have been analysing for the past 13 years.

Summary of the GEAB 132 (a provisional list of articles):

  • Global Systemic Crisis – March-May 2019: An Act of Faith
  • Exploring the potential role for gold in the transition to a new world reserve currency
  • States-gold-cryptos: the three pillars of the next international currency
  • Energy Union: Coming soon!
  • Calendar of future events (15th February – 15th June 2019)
  • Investments, trends and recommendations

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