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Coming soon, the GEAB 133 (March edition synopsis)

The latent financial crisis, the invention of a new world monetary system, the world being shared between China and the United States, American military withdrawal, European disintegration, civil wars and border tensions, the reorganisation of the world map; we don’t know where to look first in the gigantic global reshuffle that is underway.

The common thread in all this is the chaotic nature of the process, which involves countless national, supra-national, global, private, public and community actors… all taking advantage of the uncertain times to advance their pawns, riding on the back of improbable as well as volatile alliances. The United States is at the forefront of these actors, but we will see in this issue the efforts made by France, the EU, the OECD, Israel and the IMF, in particular, to further their vision of a new world order.

The upside is that there are new visions of the future; the downside is that there are too many of them!

The latter point will be clearly demonstrated in the European elections: the campaign will speak well of Europe for the first time, but will consist mainly of a competition between national conceptions of Europe, establishing a foundation for how Europe will operate in the coming years. In the Middle East, on the other hand, the competition for solutions is about to end, we think. The peaceful strategies mentioned in these pages a year ago having stalled with the Kashoggi affair, we are seeing the conditions being met for a Middle Eastern politico-military ‘perfect storm’ to bring about the official birth of Greater Israel on the altar of the Palestinian nation.

The reform of the monetary system continues to keep us busy and we will focus this time on the prospects that the SDR-gold alliance is likely to offer. On the GAFAM side, we will evaluate the chances of success of the plans for their taxation, knowing that the solution about to be put in place will shape the principles of supra-national governance in the 21st century. And finally, we will deliver the report of our internet research on the anticipations currently shaping our collective future.
A completely different scene is emerging from behind the collapsed panels of the previous set. Let us be your guide!

Here is the detailed summary of the GEAB 133:

– European elections: ‘And now for something completely different’

– Second quarter 2019: Epilogue of the creation of Greater Israel

– Gold & SDR in the transition to a new global reserve currency

– GAFAM: Lilliputian states against digital giants

– A Readers’ Digest of the anticipations found on the net

– Investment Recommendations

Register now and stay tuned for the GEAB 133!


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